Criminal Minds Storylines That Disappeared Without Explanation

Throughout the rest of the thread, fans noted a number of other choices made by the creative team that seemed a little out of place — Rossi’s history with racism; Hotch’s abusive father; Elle’s dangling murder rap; and JJ’s struggle with PTSD chief among them. Then there’s the moment “Criminal Minds” ‘shippers had been waiting on for years: JJ admitting the love she had for Reid in the penultimate season of the show. It happened, sure, but like the characters themselves, the fans were left to pine after what might have been.

It seems like the writers on “Criminal Minds” attempted to provide a sampling of the real-life struggles experienced by the BAU, and as a result ended up creating a plethora of storylines that ultimately failed to pay off as the fans thought they should have. There’s a lesson in there somewhere about the difficulty of shoehorning serialized character stories into an episodic, procedural format, but unpacking that one’s a topic for another day.

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