Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dishes On What It Was Like Working With Juno Temple On Wolfboy And The Everything Factory

On what it was like having Juno Temple cameo on the show, Gordon-Levitt said, “Oh, so she plays this spirit of chaos called Nyx.” He added, “And when we were trying to figure out who would play it, I had just finished shooting with her on ‘Mr. Corman.’ And I said, ‘I think Juno would be perfect for this, and I bet she would do it.’ And I was really, really grateful that when I called her up, she was game, and her performance is so good.” 

Hopefully, this won’t be the end of their collaboration.

Gordon-Levitt was quick to affirm that he’s a fan of pop culture wizards, explaining, “I’m certainly a Gandalf fan and have been even before I read ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ and stuff, and I love the movies, too. And, of course, Ian McKellen.” He continued, “But yeah, Professor Luxcraft is … He’s a bit of a dandy, this one. He’s not as somber, ‘You shall not pass.’ His beard is a lovely shade of violet, so he’s a little bit different than your typical mentor wizard, but he also is beautifully magical.” Noting the character’s zest for life, Gordon-Levitt said, “And I love the way that he is constantly comparing magic with creativity and art. And that’s really straight from the mind of the creator of this show, Toff Mazery, who’s such a brilliant artist.”

The full season of “Wolfboy and the Everything Factory” is available now on Apple TV+.

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