Just Beyond Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“Just Beyond” is based on a series of graphic novels by “Goosebumps” creator R.L. Stine and looks to be told in a similar anthology style as other shows based off his works such as “The Haunting Hour.” Each episode will focus on a different story with a different group of characters encountering various creepy situations that are just beyond our world and imagination.

The series will tackle all sorts of creep situations, from witches, ghosts, monsters, and even aliens. We can only guess what we can expect from this series. The show also looks like it will be deviating from Stine’s graphic novels; so far, the series only has four books in total, and none of them seem to line up with the plots of the eight episodes of the new Disney+ series. While this initially may turn off fans of Stine’s original work, it is refreshing to hear that this show will likely even surprise those who have read the source material.

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