Marvel Fans Just Got Some Great News About The Hawkeye Series

It looks like “Hawkeye” is set to open with not just a bang, but two bangs. As The Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit just revealed on Twitter, you’ll get more than one episode of the show on November 24 — a marked difference from the weekly release schedule the other Disney+ MCU shows have followed so far. “HAWKEYE: first 2 episodes of the Marvel/Disney+ 6 episode series to drop Nov. 24,” Kit wrote. 

This means fans are able to enjoy a third of the series in one sitting — which one commenter noted may be a handy trick to wrangle the Disney+ release schedules of MCU and a certain other major Disney property. “This way ‘Hawkeye’ ends on Dec. 22 and ‘[The] Book of Boba Fett’ starts on Dec. 29, instead of the finale and premiere overlapping.”

Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to release two episodes of “Hawkeye” at once, it’s a welcome surprise that should make fans very, very happy on November 24. Meanwhile, you can feast your eyes on the new, one-minute teaser trailer that just dropped. 

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