Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Struggle To Keep Their ‘Couple’s Quiz’ PG-13!

If you thought Megan Fox and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly overshared on social media, just wait until you see this video!

The twin flames filmed for GQ‘s “Couple’s Quiz,” where they asked each other 40 questions to find out how well they know each other. Guess what? It’s very well! We honestly didn’t think there was anything we didn’t know about these two, especially considering how public their relationship has become, but they absolutely proved us wrong!

Not to mention, their chemistry is truly unreal.

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The topic of sex came up a lot on the rocker’s end, with his other half desperately trying to keep the game rated PG-13. Honestly, it was hilarious to see! Just watch all the fun (below)!

The couple came out pretty tied in the end, so do you think that means they’re meant to be?? Share all your thoughts down in the comments!

[Image via GQ/YouTube]

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