Michael Sheen’s Tweets Have Fans Of Good Omens Pumped

Some of Michael Sheen’s recent tweets have sent fans into a frenzy, as he revealed that he’s getting back in character as Aziraphale by dying his hair blonde again. The first tweet showed off the hairdye itself, while the second is a black and white photo of his new look

However, it’s the caption which has got many “Good Omens” fans speculating about Aziraphale’s future in the series. Sheen tweeted “Shades of grey” with the halo emoji, and because the angel’s hair is typically completely blonde, fans are wondering if this a sign that Aziraphale is actually aging due to aligning himself with Crowley and staying on Earth at the end of “Good Omens” Season 1.

As well as the speculation, many of the replies were fans asking if David Tennant has dyed his hair ginger to return as Crowley. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the star’s wife — actress Georgia Tennant — takes to Twitter with a photo of the former “Doctor Who” star, since he doesn’t have any social media accounts of his own.

Clearly, “Good Omens” Season 2 is about to start filming, so hopefully a release date confirmation is also on the way soon.

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