Strongest Superheroes In History Ranked

Thor: God of Thunder, Son of Odin, and Prince of Asgard. He is all of these things and more, and he is mighty. With the mighty hammer, Mjolnir, at his side, Thor has few equals in the Marvel Universe and the strength to match. 

More than any other character on this list, Thor’s strength is surprisingly complicated. To start, though it’s not all that widely known, he is actually Asgard’s “God of Strength,” making him the strongest of that realm’s gods. In addition, he wears a mystic belt named “Megingjord” that doubles his already incredible natural power. 

Thor is known for his insane physical feats, but it’s not clear exactly how strong he is with or without the belt. In theory, removing the belt could throw him halfway down this list, or he might already be so strong that he would only move a few places. But the fact that his strength could be reduced by removing that belt is one of the key reasons he lands here in fourth place.

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