SVU That Went Too Far

Elliot Stabler’s arguable darkest moment came during the “Law & Order: SVU” Season 10 episode, “Confession.” During an investigation of an online pedophile named Jake Berlin (Tom Noonan), Stabler recognizes a young girl in one of the photos as his daughter. Understandably enraged, he takes the law into his own hands by breaking into Berlin’s apartment, beating him to a bloody pulp, and attempting to access his computer to delete the image. The rest of the team arrives at the scene later, taking in Berlin and struggling to get Stabler’s rage under control.

Given the circumstances, Stabler’s strong feelings require no justification. At the same time, ignoring the duties of his badge in favor of brutal vengeance is unhinged, and the “SVU” fanbase agreed. “The time he beat up Jake Berlin alone should have landed him in prison,” wrote Redditor proudgqdyke, clarifying that he was right to be mad, but he recklessly abused his status as a cop in that situation. User shaycode agreed, commenting, “he’s the last type of person I’d want to see with a badge,” citing his ruthless brand of borderline-vigilantism as a prominent reason why.

At the end of the day, Elliot Stabler has seen no shortage of trauma in his life and has proven that he’s not the best at processing it. His emotional state is touchy, to say the least, as seen in “Confession” and a few other “SVU” episodes. Even still, it stands to reason that, in this particular instance, Stabler took things to a scary extreme.

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