Ted Lasso Fans Just Got The Best News From Apple

“Ted Lasso” itself was already renewed for a third season before Season 2 even existed (per Variety). However, it looks like the people behind the show are about to make you laugh and smile on multiple fronts. Per Deadline, Apple TV+ just greenlit “Shrinking,” another upcoming comedy from the people behind “Ted Lasso.”   

“Shrinking” stars Jason Segel (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) as a therapist who lets his own personal issues override his professional conduct, and starts speaking his mind to his patients. It’s easy to see the potential of the project, since the “professional with unorthodox methods” concept has obviously worked wonders for “Ted Lasso,” and “Shrinking” involves some of the key people behind “Ted Lasso.” Writer, star, and suspected CGI character Brett Goldstein and co-creator Bill Lawrence are set to write and executive produce the show, along with Segel himself.

Incidentally, Lawrence is also working on “Bad Monkey,”  a crime show starring Vince Vaughn as a disgraced police detective. As such, it looks like “Ted Lasso” will be joined by no less than two Apple TV+ shows that might just share its sensibilities. Smells like potential!

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