The Cast Of Arcane Is Gorgeous In Real Life

You probably recognize Harry Lloyd from something; after all, the London-born English actor has been a fixture of prestige television for the entirety of the past decade.

His first big role, and the one he’s perhaps best-known for to this day, was that of Viserys Targaryen, brother to Daenerys and heir to House Targaryen, on the first season of “Game of Thrones.” But it wasn’t long after his exit from the hit HBO show that TV audiences were seeing him again in a regular capacity: Lloyd gave an acclaimed performance just a year later on the British miniseries “The Fear,” and then became a series regular on the underrated WGN America drama “Manhattan.”

Before “Arcane,” Lloyd’s only voice turns were a 2016 guest spot on “American Dad” and a reprise of his role as Viserys in the “Game of Thrones” animated extra “Conquest & Rebellion.” His character, tech genius Viktor, stirred some confusion among fans due to his dissimilarity from his game counterpart, until it was clarified that the series will explore the characters’ backstory leading up to the current “LoL” timeline (via Blog of Legends).

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