There Are Actually 14 Heroes That Hawkeye Has Never Met In The MCU

With a hilarious deadpan turn in  “Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings” (2021), Doctor Strange’s loyal assistant known only as Wong (Benedict Wong) is poised to breakout as an unlikely MCU star in his own right. Wong is enigmatic and stoic, and the character benefits immensely from Benedict Wong’s comedic timing. Wong freakin’ rules. But does Wong know Hawkeye? He does not know Hawkeye. 

As the mid-credits scene from “Shang-Chi…” makes abundantly clear, Wong is an incredible karaoke singer. Though it may be the case that the MCU character Clint Barton is not known as much of a crooner, actor Jeremy Renner spent a significant chunk of these most recent years developing his second career as a singer-songwriter. How has the music world received Renner’s efforts? Well, one critic described the track “Heaven Don’t Have A Name” as “some of the worst, most bland, basic, macho, personally-devoid pop-rock that I’ve heard in a long time.”  Other critics were only slightly more generous toward Renner’s deeply unnecessary and misguided attempt to reinvent himself. 

All that said, if Jeremy Renner the actor slipped through the reality-matrix and met Wong the fictional character at a karaoke bar, well, that would make one heck of a mid-credits scene — that’s for darn sure.  

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