Things About Ahsoka Tano Only Clone Wars Fans Know

In another one of the best arcs on “Clone Wars,” our principal trio of Jedi find themselves on the planet Mortis. In this series of episodes Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan meet a trio of mystical Force users. Known only as the Father, the Daughter, the Son, these all-powerful characters are physical representations of the different sides of the Force; the Daughter is the Light, the Son is the Dark, and the Father is the concept of balance.

These episodes go some wild places — including Anakin having a vision of his future as Vader — but one of the most emotional moments is Ahsoka’s death. In “Altar of Mortis” the Son, having fallen almost completely to the Dark side, kills Ahsoka and the Daughter. In a vulnerable moment, Anakin sobs and begs for Ahsoka’s life back. In her dying breath, the Daughter transfers the last of her life force to Ahsoka and saves her.

In later episodes of “Clone Wars” (as well as on “Rebels” and “The Mandalorian”) you might occasionally glimpse Morai, Ahsoka’s owl-like companion. First seen on Mortis during these episodes as the Daughter’s companion, Morai has been with Ahsoka since her resurrection. Fans postulate that this is could be a reincarnation or form the Daughter takes now that she is with Ahsoka always.

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