Things Only Adults Notice In Rugrats

One of the main aspects of “Rugrats” that adults are sure to notice is the lack of supervision for the babies. Almost every episode features the crew escaping from their play-pen with the help of Tommy’s trusty screwdriver, and the parents usually don’t even notice they’re missing. This is partly because the kiddos are normally left under Grandpa Lou’s (Michael Bell) care, and he was known to fall into a deep sleep while on babysitting duty.

However, Grandpa Lou isn’t the only one to blame. Many of the kid’s parents have less-than-perfect parenting skills, and while we’re not here to parent-shame, some of their habits are concerning. For instance, Angelica’s mother, Charlotte (Tress MacNeille), tends to neglect her daughter in favor of work while Chuckie’s dad Chas (Michael Bell), passed his anxious and whiny personality traits to his son. Additionally, Tommy and Dil’s dad, Stu (Jack Riley), is well-meaning but often absent-minded.

While letting your kids hang out in a play-pen isn’t inherently bad, it becomes a more serious issue when they learn how to escape it undetected, spend entire days roaming around the neighborhood, and even end up in strangers’ homes.

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