Timothée Chalamet Shares Glimpse Into Hilarious Dune Group Chat

The stars of Dune have entered the chat—and they have something to say about, well, each other.
With one screenshot posted to his Instagram Stories Oct. 13, Timothée Chalamet let fans in on the fact that he and his co-stars in the highly anticipated science fiction drama, including Oscar Issac and Josh Brolin, have developed quite the friendship off-set.

In the image of a text message exchange, the stars seem to be poking fun at their recent Entertainment Weekly cover (Timothée shared the image right before),  since Oscar pointed out that the three, along with co-star Javier Bardem, “look like a REALLY s–tty band.” Josh then playfully chimed in with a slight correction, writing, “We ARE a really s–tty band.” 
And, to be fair, the foursome posing in a grassy field does evoke a certain band-like quality.

In addition to gaining boy-band-like brothers, Timothée explained to the outlet just how much filming the movie (based on the 1965 novel of the same name) meant to him.

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