Here’s How You Can Stream Every Season Of Chicago P.D. For Free

As a popular primetime show with a solid fanbase, tons of streaming services carry recent episodes and even previous seasons of “Chicago P.D.,” including Hulu and YouTube TV. However, those services require a paid subscription to watch the show, and none of them carry the series in its entirety. The only choice for anyone who wants to stream every “Chicago P.D.” season is NBC’s streaming service, Peacock.

While premium platforms like Paramount+, HBO Max, and Netflix have taught viewers that free never really means free, Peacock is the rare service that delivers full content at no cost. As noted on the “Chicago P.D.” portal on Peacock, all eight seasons of the show are available right now.

So how free is free on Peacock? The services pricing page can be a little tough to figure out, but at the end of the day, basic Peacock and Peacock Premium are ad-supported, with the advantages of Peacock Premium being access to live events, earlier delivery of new episodes of ongoing shows, and exclusive Peacock Original content. To eliminate ads, subscribers need to upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus.

While it may feel disruptive to have to sit through ads while binging a show, it’s a small price to pay for full access to every season of “Chicago P.D.” – especially when its sister shows, “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med,” are available right next to it.

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