Where the Succession Characters Stand in the Race for Power

Jeremy Strong remains, as ever, on Kendall’s team. But the actor said triumph is not always good for the recovering addict, who we’ve seen “struggle and fail” in the past two seasons.

“Now, he’s in a place where he’s done the thing he’s never been able to do and found the courage to do it. And there is this hope I think that we all have as people, that if we achieve certain things or we do certain things, it will fill some void in us and make us full,” Strong reflected. “[But] when that thing fills that void, you’re even more f–ked than you were before.”

He continued, “It’s class five white water rapids for Kendall. I think once again he feels set up to get what he wants and once again, in very ingenious ways on the writer’s part, it’s thwarted and subverted.”

In fact, this was Kendall’s fate from the conception of the series. Strong recalled visiting the writer’s room some years ago and seeing a note that read: “Kendall wins but loses.”

“And we basically see that dynamic played out across all of the seasons, really. And it’s different every time and it craters deeper every time,” the actor shared.

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