You Might Not Want To Meet Mike Wolfe From American Pickers. Here’s Why

First and foremost, it’s important to address that celebrities are human beings, and their demeanor is not static. Some days are good while others are bad, meaning the experience of meeting these people can fluctuate depending on the situation. Naturally, this applies to Mike Wolfe as well, who has surely had many positive interactions with fans during his time in the “American Pickers” spotlight. Even still, he’s apparently capable of displaying a less friendly, even mean side, according to none other than Frank Fritz himself.

Shortly after the news of Fritz’s firing went public, Wolfe made an Instagram post that wished him the best and reminisced over the good times they shared on “Pickers” (via Deadline). It didn’t take long for Fritz to respond, and he outright stated that Wolfe’s comments weren’t genuine, revealing that his true personality is a far cry from the one he demonstrates on television. “I don’t believe in 10 years he’s said five nice things to me,” he told The Sun, adding, “unless he was cutting somebody else down and we were both laughing.”

That’s far from the glowing endorsement one would expect a person to make about their co-star of 10+ years, but then again, there’s no way to know the complete, unbiased truth. Is Mike Wolfe a cold-hearted bully who lied about his friendship with Frank Fritz on social media to save face? The latter seems to think so, and considering how closely he worked with Wolfe on “American Pickers,” he’s far from an unreliable source. Regardless, should you ever meet the famed picker yourself, remember that his TV persona might not reflect who he actually is.

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