He Discharges A Prop Gun On “Rust” Film Set; Someone Is Left Dead And Another Person Is Injured

Alec Baldwin is living a terrible tragedy following the latest horrible events. The Shade Room notes the available data and you can check out the official info below.

The actor fired a prop gun while on a set filming the upcoming film “Rust” in New Mexico, which accidentally killed cinematographer #HalynaHutchins and wounded director #JoelSouza according to Variety.

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TSR notes: ‘Reports state that no one was arrested in the incident and no charges have been filed, according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office. Detectives are currently interviewing witnesses, and the incident remains “open and active.” Our thoughts are with the family of those affected.’

Someone said: ‘That’s fckin wild! Whoever is in charge of the props…. I smell a set up,’ and a commente rposted this: ‘That’s what happened to Brandon Lee nah somebody was definitely behind that.’

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One other follower said: ‘He’ll never be the same. Who was in charge of the props/equipment? They need to be questioned. Why wasn’t this checked before it was given to the actor? Smh.’

A commenter posetd this: ‘Wowwwww…… he is going to feel so guilty over someone else’s costly mistake! That’s heartbreaking.’


A fan said: ‘Same thing happened to Bruce Lee’s son Brandon. Prayers to the family. So sad,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I don’t understand why a PROP gun was loaded with actual bullets???’

Someone else said: ‘This is traumatic for EVERYONE involved. Why TF would the prop gun not in fact be a PROP gun!?’

Stay tuned for more news, and keep everyone involved in this terrible tragedy in your prayers.

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