World Beyond Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

While everyone else was catching up at the Perimeter, Silas was having a bonding session of his own at the culling facility.

After his young co-workers catch him trying to escape to find the CRM research base, they subject him to a gauntlet of empty killing that resembles a haunted house attraction. Silas passes this test with flying colors and earns himself the respect of his peers. When he meets with Dennis afterward, he also gets the chance to explain exactly why he was trying to run away. “I was trying to find my friends. We were going cross-country together before we got split up,” he says. “And someone in the group … she’s dangerous, a killer. And the others might not even know.”

When Dennis assures him that his friends have probably already dealt with the situation, Silas replies, “You don’t know Huck.” That, of course, could not be more incorrect. But thanks to Huck/Jennifer’s dual-identity, Dennis doesn’t recognize that Silas is, in fact, talking about his estranged wife.

Silas plays another important role this episode. During her visit to the Perimeter, Huck reveals that she got Silas placed at the culling facility and when Felix fills Will in on this detail, his eyes light up. “It’s a long shot,” Will says, “but if he’s where she says he is, I might know a way to get everybody out.”

It looks like Silas will soon be having his own reunion with the Campus Colony Crew.

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