ARK: The Animated Series Release Date, Cast, And Plot

While some of the characters’ specific backstories and motivations still remain a mystery, we do know that they are all tied together by one character, 21st century Australian paleontologist Helena Walker (Madeleine Madden). She is the unfamiliar woman depicted riding a dinosaur in a tense battle during the series’ announcement trailer. As for the rest of the characters, there is Mei-Yin Li (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese warrior from the third century, and the ancient Kor the Prophet (Russell Crowe), who is described as a “dino-whisperer,” to introduce a few, as described in the official wiki for “ARK: The Animated Series.” 

Helena’s story, like everyone else’s in the series, begins after her supposed death, when she is resurrected on the strange and wild land that serves as the setting of the animated show. She is forced to battle warlords, the elements, and the many wild beasts that inhabit the islands, all while attempting to find new allies and uncover the secrets of her new home. However, to do so is incredibly dangerous, and she has more than one opportunity to fail. Nevertheless, the promises of knowledge and survival make her adventures worth the effort. Just what secrets the strange island hides will be revealed when “ARK: The Animated Series” is released in 2022.

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