What A Classic NES TV Combo Actually Sold For On Pawn Stars

The seller comes in with a pretty rare item. Namely, it’s a Nintendo Game Television that has an NES built directly into the unit. Suffice to say, it’s a lot harder to come by, and if Corey’s to be believed, it’s a lot harder to sell. When it comes down to brass tacks, the seller wants $1,200 for the unit, and Corey doesn’t think he can make a profit at that price. He insists most people will want an original NES, like the kind most people had when they were kids. 

He offers $500 initially, and after some back and forth, the seller decides to let it go for $650. Until the shop can sell it, we have a feeling Corey and Chumlee will have a ton of fun playing “Duck Hunt” on this thing. 

Hopefully, the shop has a better time selling this thing than some of the other video game memorabilia they’ve bought over the years. One time, Chumlee purchased a sniper arcade game, and the best they could do was break even on it. Chumlee received an earful from the transaction, but fortunately, Corey seems a lot more confident in this purchase than Chumlee did.

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