Chucky And Tiffany’s Child Glen Explained

There are quite a few movies before Glen becomes relevant. Chucky goes on a reign of terror for three films before his love interest even appears. In “Bride of Chucky,” the viewers are introduced to Tiffany. She is the former lover of Charles Lee Ray when he was still a human. However, Tiffany becomes aware of Chucky’s doll body and procures the remaining parts so she can sew him back together. Tiffany thinks that Chucky was going to propose before he died, but Chucky has no interest in marrying Tiffany.

Instead he transports her soul into a doll of her own. Chucky’s main concern is to find a way to get his soul back into a human body. Along the way, Chucky and Tiffany consummate their relationship. The mechanics of how Chuck and Tiffany are able to conceive life in doll form is subject for confusion. Regardless, at the end of “Bride of Chucky,” they are unsuccessful in transforming themselves into human bodies. Instead, Tiffany gives birth to their child.

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