Daisy Jones & The Six Release Date, Cast And Plot

According to Oprah Daily, the television adaptation of “Daisy Jones & The Six” follows Daisy Jones as she attempts to make a name for herself in the LA music scene and inadvertently collides with the rock band “The Six.” During this time, lead singer Billy Dunne, hoping to establish a rock-heavy signature style, clashes with the aspirations of his producers and Daisy herself. Along the way, band members Eddie, Karen, and Warren similarly navigate a fraught industry landscape as they attempt to balance their desires with their professional music goals. As Billy rises in the music scene, his partner Camila struggles with his long absences, fighting to assert her personhood.

Like the structure of the original novel, the show will follow a “documentary-style” format that will include first-person interviews with the wide net of characters both within and outside of the legendary band. Excitingly, the limited series will also incorporate the music lyrics from the book (via Newsweek). It will be compelling to see how the series expands upon the rich world introduced in Taylor Reid’s novel when the show is eventually released.

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