Every Star Wars: Visions Short Ranked

Like the Science Saru shorts, the two Trigger shorts look entirely different from one another. Where “The Twins” gets a bit bogged down in its big exposition dumps, “The Elder” is wonderfully simple.

This short follows Jedi Master Tajin Crosser (David Harbour) and his padawan Dan (Jordan Fisher) who detect a disturbance in the Force during their patrol of the Outer Rim. They investigate the nearest habitable planet, learning an elder from a tribe unknown to the inhabitants of the planet recently arrived and ventured into the mountains near their village. Tajin and Dan decide to split up, allowing Tajin to check out the elder’s ship and await his return, while Dan explores the mountains. Dan discovers the elder (James Hong) first, and the elder immediately attacks him with his dual red lightsabers. As they battle, the elder tells Dan that he was hoping for a challenge and Dan isn’t living up to his hopes. He strikes Dan down, but does not kill him — then awaits Tajin’s arrival, who more than lives up to his hopes.

Both duels are short, yet fantastically choreographed and animated; they feel tactile, and the blows between the lightsabers seem to have real force (no pun intended) behind them. In the second duel, between the elder and Tajin, the elder uses force lightning that crackles beautifully in the rain. But the short also looks fantastic during its calmer moments, as the landscapes of the planet look impressionistic and the Jedi look more like Samurai than usual.

This “Visions” short also packs some interesting dialogue and ideas into its 17 minutes. At the start, Dan is eager to fight, as Tajin advises that Jedi must never seek out aggression. At the end, after their adventure, Tajin talks about time as the ultimate power, noting that it was not he, but time itself that ultimately defeated the elder. Neither of these thematic notes are incredibly potent, but they nevertheless add substantial depth.

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