How American Horror Story Fans Really Felt About Season 10

Now that “American Horror Story: Double Feature” has aired and fans have had time to digest its content, it is the perfect time for viewers to share their thoughts on the season. With that in mind, Reddit user u/Maxfd97 began a recent fan discussion by declaring that they “loved ‘Red Tide'” but felt “neutral about” the season’s second half, “Death Valley.”

u/pk10534 had a lot of mixed feelings about both halves of the season, noting, “‘Red Tide’ had potential, but it felt very rushed being only like 5 episodes. The finale had a very odd twist I was not a huge fan of.” The user continued, adding, “‘Death Valley’ was just…whew. Black and white parts weren’t bad at all, but the modern stuff was just atrocious.”

Elsewhere, u/Former_Smile5027 enjoyed “Red Tide” — for the most part. “I loved ‘Red Tide’ and I’ll just be pretending Episode 6 doesn’t exist. [Episode] 5 would have been a perfect finale,” the Redditor wrote.

As it turns out, a lot of fans didn’t like the end of “Red Tide,” as many believed its final episode took on a less effective tone than its first five installments. At least, fans on Reddit were quick to express that sentiment, with u/SplurgyA revealing their solution for this very problem, writing, “‘Red Tide’ should have done what ‘Death Valley’ tried to do — an abrupt cut.”

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