Iron Fist Creator Has A Surprising Opinion Of The Netflix Series

Roy Thomas, who co-created “Iron Fist” with Gil Kane back in 1974, recently spoke to Comic Book about the Netflix adaptation. Instead of focusing on the errors as so many have done in the past, however, the writer highlighted what he enjoyed about the show.

According to Thomas, Finn Jones — the actor who portrayed Danny Rand and his superhero alter ego in the series — was impressive in the role. “Oh, I watched all of it,” Thomas recalled. “Yeah. Iron Fist had a few problems here and there, but I really liked the actor who played Iron Fist. I liked the general concept of it and everything.”

That being said, Thomas did concede that “Iron Fist” is far from the best Netflix Marvel series before discussing his favorite of the bunch. “Maybe some series were better than others, like ‘Jessica Jones’ was one of the best with the revival of the Purple Man, so wonderfully played by [David] Tennant.”

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