Is Dr. Liesl Obrecht Leaving General Hospital For Good?

Though Kathleen Gati took a break from the role of Dr. Liesl Obrecht from April to September 2020, it’s not clear if a similar hiatus is in the cards for her in 2021. The actress filmed a movie titled “Swag Town” that’s now in post-production, but her IMDb page doesn’t indicate that any other roles are lined up for Gati aside from Obrecht.

Obrecht has a lot of unfinished storyline threads left on her plate. There’s the matter of Scott Baldwin, who still loves her and is still out there. There’s also the matter of her complicated relationship with Victor, who has long been obsessed with her. Given that there is unfinished business between those two, it’s unlikely “General Hospital” will allow it to go unexplored by killing off Gati’s character.

On the November 1 episode of “General Hospital” (via, Britt found her mother lying on the ground, handcuffed and pierced with a bolt. She pulled the arrow free, dressed her mother’s wound. During this scene, Britt encouraged Obrecht to hold on despite complaining about the pain as the mother and daughter hashed out their complicated feelings, plus Britt’s concerns about her own messy love life. The situation turned into a standoff between Britt, Jason, Peter, and Jason’s brainwashed twin brother, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). As of press time, it appears that Obrecht should survive her wounds but Peter has the upper hand. Keep tuning in to see how things turn out.

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