The American Horror Story Season You Should Watch Twice

“American Horror Story: Apocalypse” is the eighth season and is set during the end of the world. The survivors globally are less than 1000 people and are forced to retreat to fortified bunkers run by a mysterious collective. Reddit user Sea-Estimate-4075 started a discussion about “Apocalypse” and stated, “I’ve been working through the whole series again to prep for season 10. After rewatching the integrated seasons (Murder House, Coven, Hotel), Apocalypse was easier to follow and more entertaining to watch. I know it’s not a popular season here, but for anyone rewatching the series, maybe don’t skip Apocalypse because it does get better!” Other users agreed and believed that the shifting timeline and plot were jarring on the first viewing but made far more sense the second time around.

Redditor Millenniumnoob replied that anything connecting to “Coven” is worth watching, while user FromMyFingers considered it an opus of the franchise. User Dependent_Ad9364 added, “I mean rewatching season 8 in general will make it seem better, because you know what happens you see how everything fits together.” Ultimately, die-hard fans of “American Horror Story” should give “Apocalypse” another spin. The season reunites lovers, explores the murderous baby from “Murder House,” answers what happens to the witches from “Coven,” and even figures out how to free trapped people from “Hotel.”

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