The Millstone That Cost American Pickers $2,500

In Season 3, William Shatner of “Star Trek” fame charged the Pickers with finding him an authentic millstone for his garden. A millstone is a carved stone used in a mill for grinding or crushing wheat and other grains. Yes, despite all the unique historical items the Pickers have discovered throughout the years, Captain Kirk just wanted them to find a big rock.

Find one they did, and in a surprising twist, the millstones turned out to be remarkably expensive. The owner of the millstones was adamant that the stones were worth at least $2,500, and that normally, they go for over $3,500. As it happens, the Pickers ended up paying the minimum $2,500 for what ultimately amounted to a large stone with a hole in the middle of it. While we’re sure they will never forget their work with William Shatner, the millstone arguably marks one of the Pickers’ more disappointing ventures overall.

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