The Preserved Snake That Cost American Pickers Hundreds Of Dollars

Upon their entrance to Jim’s defunct museum, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz quickly realize that they are surrounded by an enormous stockpile of circus-related memorabilia to sort through, including one animal that catches Frank’s eye. 

This animal is a female western diamondback rattlesnake. Unlike much of the other odds and ends languishing in the museum, the snake is shown to be well-preserved inside plexiglass. Additionally, Frank comments that the snake has also been well-taxidermied, as it is propped up so that the snake appears to be only seconds away from striking at some unlucky victim.

Frank and Mike make an initial offer of $300, but Jim is unconvinced that such a price is high enough to sell the prize to the duo. So Jim replies with a counteroffer of $375. As is usual for “American Pickers,” Frank and Jim eventually meet somewhere in the middle. Jim happily agrees to sell the piece for $350, a price that Frank is willing to meet for what he describes as “a real neat piece.”

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