The Zachary Levi Dramedy Hidden Gem Series You Can Find On Amazon

Think back to 2007. That was the year NBC debuted “Chuck,” an underrated spy series that mixes workplace comedy, romantic drama, and action thriller genres in a totally unique way (via IMDb). “Chuck” stars Zachary Levi as an average, albeit a little lazy, guy working at a computer shop. One day, he unwittingly opens an e-mail that results in software straight from the CIA, filled with government secrets, to download directly into his brain. The intelligence agency decides to assign Chuck to a team of actual spies, and he embarks on top-secret missions.

“Chuck” is a totally unique spin on the traditional light-hearted sitcom or action-packed spy drama. It focuses on characterization, putting that in the forefront rather than honing in on violence-filled fight scenes. The action is mixed throughout the series but is used more to support the characters. For example, a scene might showcase Chuck’s goofy, honest, and low-key personality by showing how uncomfortable he is with the situation (via YouTube). It also turns Chuck into an unconventional hero who uses his run-of-the-mill tech knowledge to take down some of the U.S.’s biggest adversaries. 

All five seasons of “Chuck” are streaming on Amazon Prime, and are worth a revisit for a good dose of laughs and unconventional drama. If that’s not enough to convince you, the series has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes in the critic’s score section and a 91% in audience reception, so it’s definitely a beloved show. 

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