Why WandaVision Is Creepier Than Anything Else In The MCU

“WandaVision” gets insanely dark at times, but the show’s creators always know precisely when to reel things in with a little humor. When a horror movie takes itself too seriously, it can be hard for audiences to take it seriously — just think of 1958’s “The Blob.” This Marvel show made sure to incorporate laughs, if only so that viewers would let down their guard.

Needless to say, the sitcom format offers plenty of comic relief, but some of the jokes tip into more disturbing territory. For instance, the yogurt commercial in Episode 6 began bright and colorful, before taking a twisted turn (the claymation kid starved to death because he couldn’t peel the foil off the top of his yogurt). Then the commercial ended with the same buoyant voice-over as before, feeling like a slap in the face. It didn’t hurt that this joke came right on the heels of a creepy moment with Vision. Also, don’t not forget Pietro: He may not have seemed threatening running around the room doing his best impression of a vampire, but that’s why it was so unnerving when he began messing with Wanda psychologically, kidnapping Monica (Teyonah Parris).

Here, the jokes didn’t cheapen the creepiness; if anything, they intensify it. The stark contrast between the sitcom elements and the horror elements heightens the impact of each.

By comparison, it’s hard to think of anything that has combined such comedic and horrific elements so effectively, short of the 2014 [adult swim] short “Too Many Cooks.” Almost certainly an influence, that demented, viral phenomenon similarly harnessed its knowledge of sitcom tropes to create, and then subvert, expectations.

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