Every Non-Comic Batmobile Ranked Worst To Best

Bruce Timm continued his adventures of Batman well into the future. “Batman Beyond,” meanwhile, saw the elderly Bruce Wayne hanging up the cape and cowl and mentoring young Terry McGinnis on the role. Because the series was based on a high-tech future, this Batmobile had to fit that mold. As a result, the McGinnis Batmobile was ultimately a flying ship — the first of its kind. Sure, the history of Batman has seen numerous vehicles, including various Batwings, Batcopters and flying drones. But for all intents and purposes this was, in fact, considered the Batmobile as Terry used it for his primary mode of transportation.

The design was drastically overhauled, looking like nothing fans had ever seen before in Batman history; the futuristic setting was also new territory for the Dark Knight. Instead of obvious “bat-like” references in the body’s design such as fins, Batman logos in the wheels, or other standard design trappings of the past, this Batmobile was a sleek, jet-black aerial ship with pointed ridges to give it a “dangerous” edge — no pun intended. 

This Batmobile was equipped with a jet thruster that could send Terry flying at speeds of Mach 3, should he ever be short on time — although, it’s a wonder that a teenager could manage to navigate a city at such speeds without pancaking into the side of a building. The machine was also synced to Terry’s suit, enabling him to remotely activate it with ease. In combat, the vehicle came equipped with table-turning firepower that included missiles, as well as evasive mechanics like cloaking technology. All in all, it’s a pretty formidable system, should any baddies tempt the use of its power.

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