Ice-T Confirms What We All Suspected About Mariska Hargitay’s On-Set Behavior

During the Page Six interview, “Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T, who plays NYPD Sergeant Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, shared how he feels acting alongside Mariska Hargitay. He asserted that “[o]ne of the best things about working on this show is Mariska is not a b***h.” He then suggested that the actress continually puts effort into her performance.  “She does not come on set with a bad attitude, and she is always on point,” the rapper continued.

During a joint interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in September 2018, Ice-T and Hargitay shared their feelings on being “Law & Order: SVU” castmates since 2000. Ice-T revealed that he had a fondness for all of his co-workers.

“I think the best thing about our show is that everybody on our show that we work with is so wonderful. It’s easy. You know, I love Mariska. We get along. Just the work environment is so fun,” said Ice-T, who also complimented his co-star for having a great sense of humor — seemingly the exact opposite of her stoic, serious character. Hargitay shared similar sentiments, stating, “people throw the word family around but after 20 years, it’s true.” 

Hargitay also complemented Ice-T’s work ethic, saying that in her 20 years on “SVU,” she had never seen Ice-T “come to work in a bad mood” or be ungrateful. “[He is] always ready to work. Always ready. He’s never complained,” she continued.

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