Sex And The City Moments That Haven’t Aged Well

For all of her openness about sex and relationships, Carrie Bradshaw was actually not an open-minded person. Case in point: the episode “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl,” where Carrie expresses some deeply misguided views about bisexuality. In the Season 3 episode, Carrie goes on a date with Sean, a younger man who takes her ice skating and then proceeds to tell her that he has had romantic relationships with both men and women.

And then Carrie — a sex columnist! — loses her mind. Cut to brunch, where Carrie immediately launches into how weird it was that Sean would be open about his bisexuality. “Of course, it’s a problem,” Miranda chimes in. After Samantha offers a more enlightened view, the ladies then go on to conflate sex and sexual orientation, stereotype a whole generation, and — most problematically — question the validity of bisexual identities. “I’m not even sure bisexuality exists,” Carrie quips. “I think it’s just a layover on the way to Gaytown.”

If that all was not icky enough, Miranda also calls Sean “greedy,” drawing upon a really untrue but oft-repeated stereotype about bisexuals (and that it was not the more conservative Charlotte but hardcore Liberal feminist Miranda makes no sense whatsoever). For a show that highlighted gay characters at a time when there were not many on TV, “Sex and the City” sure dropped the ball on this topic. The bi-erasure and biphobia were shocking then, and it’s plain unwatchable now.

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