The Behind-The-Scenes Drama On The Simpsons That Had Maude Flanders Written Off The Show

For years, Maude Flanders was voiced by Maggie Roswell, who had been a part of the “Simpsons” voice cast since its inaugural season. In addition to bringing Ned’s loyal spouse to life, she also voiced Helen Lovejoy, Miss Hoover, and Luann Van Houten. However, when Roswell moved from Los Angeles to Denver with her family in the mid-’90s, she was forced to travel twice a week to L.A. to record her lines.

Over time, the commute proved expensive for Roswell, who asked Fox for a pay raise in 1999. When they refused, she quit the show. “I was part of the backbone of ‘The Simpsons,’ and I didn’t think [the requested raise] was exorbitant,” Roswell said after her departure (via the Los Angeles Times). “I wasn’t asking for what the other cast members make. I was just trying to recoup all the costs I had in travel. If they’d flown me in, I’d still be working.”

Despite the acrimony, Roswell would end up returning to the show in 2002 (via Pop Culture). Rather than revive Maude, Roswell instead put more time into the character of Helen Lovejoy. She has voiced Maude in flashback and ghost appearances, though, including once for the former for the show’s milestone 700th episode in March of this year, as she herself confirmed on Twitter.

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