The Surprising Downside Of Pawn Stars’ Fame

The celebrity associated with the long-running series has resulted in a number of changes to the family business. For one, the majority of the store’s customers aren’t necessarily interested in buying or selling something, but instead getting a selfie with one of the stars, none of which are very likely to appear behind the counter on any given day.

According to KiwiReport, the success of “Pawn Stars” has also allegedly changed the way that the store acquires items. In the past, Rick would have been perfectly comfortable spending a Saturday morning looking for yard sales in the area and then quietly perusing it for hidden treasures that he could get for a low price. However, since he has become so recognizable, KiwiReport notes that many yard-sale operators are reluctant to do business with him. 

KiwiReport also claims that after years of watching him bargain his way well below the initial asking price of an item on “Pawn Stars,” people have become wise to the trick. Furthermore, it appears Rick has been turned away from garage sales in the years since the series began, as a direct result of this fear.

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