Why Sophia Culpo and NFL Player Braxton Berrios Are Worth Rooting for

These days, Sophia is grateful for the joy Braxton has brought into her life as she aspires to create her own health-and-wellness brand. In fact, she’s proud to say she’s “very happy” with the life around her. 

“I have to say, meeting my boyfriend, he’s been a major source of support for me because he’s truly like my best friend and I can tell him anything and he’ll see me with 10,000 zits on my face and still think I’m beautiful,” she shared. As for the zits, she’s a fan of Aesthetics Biomedical’s Vivace micro-needling treatment.

Sophia added, “Finding a relationship and finding somebody who you can really trust and confide in has helped me a lot on my own journey and being more confident in myself.” 

As Sophia cheers on the New York Jets and discovers new beauty secrets like Aesthetics Biomedical’s Vivace micro-needling treatment, E! News compiled some of her cutest moments with Braxton. Whether you’re a Jets fan or not, it’s hard not to root for these two.

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