21% Want Squid Game Season 2 To Focus On This Character

That’s right. Despite ending Season 1 by defying a seemingly-omnipotent organization with unlimited wealth and power, Gi-hun didn’t even crack the top five! Instead, the Front Man led the polls, earning 21.64% of the vote.

If you think about it long enough, it’s probably not a huge surprise. The Front Man might not be Season 1’s undisputed chief antagonist, but he is undoubtedly the show’s most mysterious character. He dresses in all black. He speaks English. He wears a mask — which, admittedly, isn’t a rare costuming decision in “Squid Game,” but his masks are much more ornate than those of the staff members who work for him. He watches visceral massacres on a big-screen TV while listening to a creepy toy jazz ensemble perform “Fly Me To the Moon.”

Oh, and apparently, he competed in the bloody gauntlet of games back in 2015. And he won. And now he’s managing the whole operation. And he enthusiastically caters to the whims of perverse Western billionaires who get off on death and violence. And he’s also police officer Jun-ho’s long-missing brother. And… and…

Yeah. The Front Man (aka Hwang In-ho) is far-and-away the show’s most interesting figure. His motives — and the past five years of his life — are a complete question mark, and if Season 2 spends extra time with any character, many fans believe it absolutely should be him.

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