Below Deck’s Captain Lee Is Honoring His Late Son In A Touching Way

Captain Lee appeared on Bravo’s late-night show “Watch What Happens Live” to discuss the current season of “Below Deck” and delve into his efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. He spoke about traveling to Washington, D.C., to testify to congress about addiction in the U.S. He said it’s “incredible” that he and his wife have a voice to advocate for their son and others battling addiction. Rosbach also broke the news that he plans on opening a rehab on a barge he recently purchased. 

Rosbach says the barge is massive and able to house 200 patients at a time. Not only does he plan to use it to help addicts get clean, but also by helping them attain stable lives once they become sober. “Usually when they get out … they’ve burned all of their bridges when it comes to employment because of their drug use,” Rosbach explained. The work on the barge would help those in need in garnering practical skills to use in the future. 

It’s clear that Rosbach’s two loves in life are boating and his family. That’s why it’s not surprising that when his son died, he was very open and honest about such a tough topic that affects so many families. His rehab idea sounds like the perfect mixture of his passions, and a great way for a reality TV star to use their platform to make a difference.

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