Best Riddles Posed By The Riddler

Riddler is in top form during DC’s “Zero Year” when he shuts down all the power in Gotham City and traps Batman in a laser cage in “Batman” #33. To further up the stakes, the laser beams are rigged to trigger poison gas-filled weather balloons from various parts of Gotham. To deactivate the lasers, Batman needs to answer a series of riddles.

At first, Batman seems to play the game straight, answering the queries and slowly deactivating sections of the grid. However, when the mastermind asks his third riddle, “My greatest of my strengths is that I know my worth. I hug myself so tightly at every birth,” Batman answers incorrectly: a blade.

Overjoyed, the Riddler gloats that the riddle’s answer (a knot) was in reference to the famous Gordian knot Alexander the Great had to untie. In response, Batman reveals he’s been stalling the Riddler so he can block the signal controlling the city. Adding that Alexander solved the riddle of the Gordian knot by slicing it open with a blade, Batman punches Nygma’s lights out. Riddler might rig his games, but the Dark Knight is still smart enough to play by his own rules.

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