Christine Brown’s Aunt Weighs in on Star’s Breakup With Kody Brown

Christine Brown‘s aunt, a former polygamist, is not surprised by the Sister Wives star’s recent split from Kody Brown.

Earlier this week, the polygamous couple, whose relationship was documented on the TLC reality show Sister Wives, announced in separate statements that they have split after more than 25 years together. Christine, 49, said that she and Kody, 52, “have grown apart” and that she “made the difficult decision to leave. While the two were never legally married, she was considered his third “wife.” They have six children together. Kody, a father of 18, remains with his first legal wife Meri, “wife” Janelle and current legal wife Robyn.

“I could see it coming,” Christina’s aunt Kristyn Decker said on the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey on Friday, Nov. 5, when asked about the breakup. “I don’t think Christine’s been genuinely, what I call genuinely, happy since day one.”

Kristyn said she is “so proud” of Christine. She also said she does not have contact with her. The reality star has not commented on the remarks of her aunt, who was born and raised in a polygamous community and once shared a husband with another woman before divorcing and remarrying.

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