Shows Like The Blacklist That Crime Drama Fans Need To Watch

“Mr. Robot” takes the dark anti-hero to new and unexpected heights, with Rami Malek in a career defining performance. He takes on the role of computer programmer turned vigilante hacker Elliot Anderson, who is recruited by a mysterious man known only as Mr. Robot to help take down the monolithic E-Corp that seemingly controls most of the world’s financial data. Visually stunning and narratively captivating, the show presents viewers with a compelling treatise on social media, capitalism, and class inequality. A daring series unafraid to take chances with bold storylines, and characters that push the envelope of believability, it’s a show that on paper, probably shouldn’t work, but creator Sam Esmail manages to bring it all together into a crisp, engaging series that quickly became one of the most talked about shows on television when it debuted on USA in 2015.

“Mr. Robot” brought Malek to prominence, revived the career of one-time A-lister Christian Slater, and brought the world of high tech cyber security into the mainstream. Though subsequent seasons could never match the sky-high levels of hype from its first sensational year, “Mr. Robot” continued to be a high class drama, delivering a unique and cinematic experience, and it remained must-see TV until the end of its groundbreaking four-season run. 

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