The Boys Season 3’s Crimson Countess Reveal Has Fans Buzzing

After u/MarvelsGrantMan1362 posted an image of actress Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess to the r/TheBoys subreddit, fans immediately started to respond to the look and feel of the costume. 

One of the most popular responses on the thread came from u/davidy12 who noted, “[I] can already tell looking at her, that her character is gonna be a bitch.” However, this user finished the comment out with “I can’t wait!!!” in big, bold letters. U/asuperbstarling also commented on the look with a simple, “Love the costume, she looks fantastic!”

A handful of commenters also pointed out that they believe Holden’s look in the costume resembles Cate Blanchett, perhaps remembering Blanchett’s appearance as Hela in 2017’s “Thor: Ragnarok.” U/Buy_The_Stars said, “Looks so much like Cate Blanchett haha, had to do a double take!”

Original poster, u/MarvelsGrantMan1362, later added a comment with a link to Holden’s Twitter account, where the actress shared the news that “a preview” is coming on Vought News Network on Saturday. VNN is a fictional news network that airs in the “The Boys” universe. Amazon uses a channel of the same name on YouTube to promote “The Boys.”

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