The Squid Game Theory That Would Change The Competition

Over on the r/squidgame subreddit, u/Maximum-Range posted a theory about the possibility that the competition in “Squid Game” is actually an international event that takes place in countries other than South Korea. They even backed this up with a piece of dialogue from the show, noting, “During episode 7 two of the VIPs make an interesting comment: At about 12:26: VIP #2: ‘the games this edition have been amazing” VIP #3: ‘right. The contest in Korea was the best.'” 

u/StatsOnATrain agreed in their own comment on the post. “Yes. It seems that each of the VIPs take turns hosting the games,” they observed. “The Front Man was the winner 6 years ago, but only recently disappeared from his apartment. It could be that he’s been waiting 6 years for the games to come back to Korea.” However, in a reply to this comment, u/TellianStormwalde expressed some doubt. “But the contestants in the Korean game were all Korean (except Ali), and only a year later did Gi-hun see the slapper trying to recruit someone else for the game. That doesn’t make sense in a rotation system.”

While this is a good point, perhaps the rotation is randomized to decrease their chances of getting caught by law enforcement. Either way, it’s an intriguing premise that really opens the world of “Squid Game” up to all sorts of potential places it could go in the future.

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