Yellowstone’s Gil Birmingham Discusses The Series And His Role In The Twilight Films

We’re heading into season four of “Yellowstone,” and there are a lot of moving parts to the series. What can you tell us about your character’s story arc going forward?

Well, Thomas Rainwater will be challenged with some gray areas, in terms of a moral decision that has to be made, and in trying to stay focused on finding alliances that can help him achieve his goal of acquiring the land back. We also get to dig into some cultural ceremony of healing, that I hope the public will enjoy and get informed by.

How will he be changing as a person, as a character, if at all?

I don’t think anybody really stays the same. I mean, we always have new challenges to meet, and you’ve got to make the decisions about what direction you want to go. As a leader, what direction does he wants to go to preserve his people? But, yeah, everybody’s changing with new challenges.

Obviously, Kevin Costner is a big draw for the series. What’s it like working with him?

He’s a lovely, lovely man. I don’t really have enough scenes with him, in my estimation. But we have a mysterious type of distancing, although we ally ourselves. And then we encounter external sources coming in that we may join forces with, or we may help each other with. But it’s all generally in respect to how we can keep this land undeveloped.

Has he taught you anything you were surprised to learn so far into your career?

Well, like I said, I don’t have that many scenes with him. I’m a big fan of almost all his work. He actually initiated the milestone for present representation [of Native Americans], back with “Dances With Wolves.” He’s one of the first people that did a real depiction, in a respectful way, of Native Americans. So, he’s got a history with that world as well.

Cole Hauser and Wes Bentley are also on the series. Any funny or memorable moments with them that stand out to you?

I don’t really have many scenes with them either. I mean, I think Thomas Rainwater really kind of operates in a world that’s just adjacent to all the drama that’s happening. And he just steps in when he feels like it’s going to be advantageous for him. Or maybe he can strategize to utilize whatever drama is being developed out.

It’s a very serious set. [Laughs.] But the funny stuff usually happens off-camera. Because we’re all just enamored with each other. It’s such a wonderful cast. They’re so talented. And there’s not a bad apple in there. I can tell you one thing … Mo [Brings Plenty] loves hot dogs.

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