The Real Reason Nicholas Turturro Left Blue Bloods

Neither CBS nor Nicholas Turturro has given an official reason why the actor left “Blue Bloods” since the actor left in 2016. However, given Turturro’s prolific acting career, it’s possible that could have played a part in his departure. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the actor took off from a major network crime drama to take on other acting gigs. For instance, via the Chicago Tribune, Turturro took a break from his role of Det. James Martinez in “NYPD Blue” to portray mobster Sammy “The Bull” Gravano in NBC’s “Witness to the Mob” miniseries in 1998.

During his time on “Blue Bloods” from 2010 to 2016, Turturro continued that active streak with many other notable TV and film roles. Per his IMDb profile, while on “Blue Bloods,” he showed off his comedic chops in the films “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” and “Zookeeper.” Also, in 2012, the actor made an appearance on a Season 4 episode of USA’s “White Collar.” In 2016 — the same year he exited “Blue Bloods” — the actor starred in one episode of the HBO limited series, “The Night Of,” which starred his older brother, John Turturro. Since then, Turturro has had a steady stream of film and television roles, which seems to support the possibility there was a natural parting of the ways between the actor and CBS.

It’s also possible Turturro’s not entirely done with “Blue Bloods,” either. In 2013, he tweeted to fans that they should contact CBS if they wanted to see more of his character on the series. “Blue Bloods” has already been renewed for a 12th season. However, before the series ever decides to call it quits, it could at least give fans another return of Sgt. Renzulli.

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