Vegas’s Jorja Fox Reveals How Sara Really Feels About Maxine

Now, Jorja Fox — who was once fired from “CSI” only to triumphantly return later that same season — has analyzed the Sara-Maxine relationship for TV Insider, and revealed her relief that Max was not a stereotypical hard-nosed chief looking to reign in the investigators. “Thank God for Maxine Roby,” Fox said. “There was something really beautiful about the relationship out of the gate between Sara and Maxine. I think they were both women that had been in the trenches for a long time. And even though they hadn’t met, sometimes in your life, you can look somebody in the eye and you’re just like, ‘OK, this person understands.'”

Clearly, Fox has relished the relationship. “It’s really fun that Maxine is the boss,” she continued. “Sara has to work under the confines of somebody else’s rules really for the very first time. Yet the importance of the truth to Maxine and Sara is more important than anything else. … I think so many of us in the world want to do the right thing and when we think about how much we might have to lose, it becomes a really, really, really difficult decision. But I think for Sara and for Max, it’s kind of like, ‘OK, I’m going to do the right thing, come what may. They share that, and that’s really fun to watch and fun to play.”

But will the good times continue? With the “CSI: Vegas” team hot on the heels of whoever it was that framed Hodges and then killed main suspect Martin Kline, the season is getting more and more intense. Good thing Max has Sara’s back … for now, at least.

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