What’s The Song In The Latest Trailer For Stranger Things Season 4?

Although it definitely uses that Beach Boys flavor, the “Stranger Things” Season 4 trailer uses a song titled “A Place in California” by native Vermonter Jeremiah Burnham (via YouTube). The song appears on his album “Burnham Would,” which collects 50 years of his music (via Burnham’s official website). The album title sounds like a pun riffing on the Birnam Wood from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

Burnham has been a session and touring musician since the ’60s. According to his website, he has worked with James Taylor, producer John Hammond, and The Strangers. He also created music for the APM music library, where he still has 21 albums of library music for use in film and TV productions. His library music seems to focus on mid-20th century throwbacks, similar to the Beach Boys soundalike used in the “Stranger Things” trailer. “A Place in California” appears in the APM library in a compilation album called “Remember the ’60s.” It includes songs that evoke girl groups like The Crystals, British skiffle, and multiple faux protest songs.

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