What An Avengers Comic Was Actually Worth On Pawn Stars

As Paul Litch — a primary grader at Certified Guaranty Company — explains, several different qualities go into grading rare comic books. Any number of things like missing pages or discoloration can reduce the value of an old comic. In the case of the 1975 “Giant-Size X-Men” comic book, Paul determines that a few creases have negatively impacted its worth, and he estimates its value at around $550 to $600, well below the seller’s initial asking price. However, the real disappointment for the seller lies within Paul’s estimation of the value of his 1963 “Avengers” #1 comic book.

As a result of a small amount of chipping at the top and discoloration on the cover, Paul grades the Avengers comic book at only a 6.5. According to “Pawn Stars” (via YouTube), a 9.6-rated “Avengers” #1 once sold for $250,000. Sadly, a significant dip in grading also leads to a steep drop in value. Paul estimates that the 6.5-rated Avengers comic is only worth about $4,200 — below the asking price of $4,600. More importantly, Rick only offers the seller a maximum of $3,200, also well below their stated minimum of $3,300. Ultimately, Rick could not come to a deal with the seller, who instead chose to keep ahold of his comic book treasure.

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